In   the south   of   Paraguay   you   will   find   a   land   that   enchants   the   senses.  Fertile   and   generous,   the   land   of   the   Jesuit   missions   mixes   legends,   immigrants   and   noble work;   components   that   forged a   rich   and     unique   idiosyncrasy.

Terra Sur   is composed   of a   team of committed   individuals   with a   deep   knowledge of the region; people who have grown up and been educated there, and work to provide the clients a personal, honest and professional treatment,     supporting     them

a   long   the   whole  real   estate   transaction   process,   to   the best   satisfaction   of   their   desires:   an   own   roof, a   rich   land   to work. As the old adage goes: "May there always be nice shade and   fresh   water."   That is   our   wish.